Message from the Principal

Schooling is no longer confined to the brick and mortar of the school. True schooling enables the student to imbibe and enjoy the process of learning through self-observation and acquire wisdom. It is not limited to skill or knowledge but is rather a mindset that promotes flexibility and adaptability. In today’s world, where the moral and social fabric of our society is in peril, it becomes pertinent to redefine the scope of education and analyze our social, political, moral and ethical dimensions.

Our children are leaders of tomorrow. It is of utmost importance that they develop a good moral character and absorb values that help them contribute to society in future. Youth engagement for global action can only be made possible by education that encourages engagement at the local and community level. This further paves the way for youth engagement at the national level where students get motivated to actively contribute to the formulation of laws and policies and focus on their implementation. The ethos of The Khaitan School does not limit a student to the status of an informed and educated citizen but rather aims to transform them into active and morally conscious agents of the society they inhabit. They learn to create a future that emboldens inclusivity, acceptance, tolerance and peace.

At TKS, we prepare students for learning beyond their school years and assist them to become lifelong learners, such that they wholly learn to rejoice the process of self-improvement and find opportunity in each and every challenge. We equip them to solve problems that they will encounter in our multicultural, ever-changing world.

Our endeavor is to enable children to tap into their hidden potential, determine the right direction and open up to new experiences such that they carefully explore the power of their unconstrained mind. We welcome you to The Khaitan School where students are made to focus on discovering their unique and autonomous individuality and create an environment that fuels their passions and dreams.

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