Bus Services and Routes

We service the transportation requirements of over 3300 children every day, right from pre-primary to Class XII. Every bus route has at least one lady attendant by way of a Teacher and / or Lady Guard and / or Aiya (more than one attendant in some cases).

GPS tracking hardware is installed in every bus for the convenience of parents that enables them to easily track the location of the relevant school bus on which their child is travelling through a free app. We use RFID technology to send notifications to parents to let them know when their child has boarded or deboarded the bus. With specially installed RFID scanners on every bus, when the child boards / deboards, the child’s RFID card is scanned on the scanner which automatically triggers a notification to the parent’s mobile phone with the relevant information.

To locate bus stops next to your residence, select your child’s class, the city you live in and the relevant sector / locality you wish to see bus stops for. Please note that if your city or locality is not mentioned, we do not presently service that area. You may contact us for any concerns or more information.

Please note that the bus routes are not updated and are hence subject to changes based on requests from parents.

Pre-Primary Routes (Nursery and Prep)
Since these children are the youngest members of our family, we take extra care and precaution for their safety and wellbeing while in buses. Dedicated yellow buses (with school branding) are operated for them with one female guard, one aiya and one teacher in each and every route. In the afternoon, a teacher is present on the bus from the school till the last stop for added safety.
Primary Routes (Classes I to V)
These routes are meant exclusively for students from classes I to V. For many of the routes there are more than one female attendant to make the children feel comfortable and to ensure discipline in the bus.
Seniors Routes (Classes VI to XII)
These routes are meant exclusively for students from classes VI to XII. We have a minimum of one lady attendant on these buses who in the morning, boards at the first stop and in the afternoon, deboards at the last stop to ensure safety for the last girl child on the bus.
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